Our staff, well-versed in the commercial business for IT products and related services, and with decades of experience in public procurement, are available to provide reliable and personalised assistance to all our customers in the context of a range of topics from product selection to product support, whether it concerns a small purchase of equipment or the setting up of a complex IT system. Our extensive partner network of vendors provides a solid foundation for ensuring a high-quality implementation of all diverse ideas of our customers.

A key part of our business activities is to provide full support as a consultant during the procurement preparation process, as we believe that careful preparation of a purchase is always crucial to its successful implementation later.

Quality policy is of paramount importance in our business operations. The consistent and high level quality of our activities is guaranteed by the MSZ EN ISO 9001, MSZ EN ISO 14001:2018 and MSZ EN ISO 27001 standards and we are also in possession of a Site Safety Certificate.

We are proud of our customer relationships that have been established for decades. Our customers include government organisations, public administration agencies, industrial companies as well as various small and large businesses.