Invoice approval

Many companies are struggling with the problem of not being able to add metadata to their stored documents. For example, in a network directory of invoices, Sharepoint storage or Google Drive, you can use solutions such as adding the deadline and the fact that the file is pending approval in the file name, or moving it to subdirectories on a monthly basis. Let's face it, not the best solution.

In the document management system developed by WSH, we can add a lot of metadata to our documents, such as deadline (date), approver (person) and approval (logical value). This data is displayed as a separate column when listing documents, we can filter by this data, and we can set who can see and if necessary, edit this metadata. You can create any metadata for almost any data type.

You can set up the option to automatically OCR uploaded pdf files, so you can even search for 1-1 words in invoice texts.
The invoice approval process can be very easily adapted to your own company's processes, without the need for separate systems!

So what can we do with invoices?

  • We can automatically load them from email messages
  • Set who can see them
  • We can add a deadline, approver and any other metadata
  • We can also restrict access to metadata to users, user groups
  • We can set character recognition on them automatically
  • Bulk download and upload accounts
  • Search and filter by deadline, approver, product name or company name in the invoice text